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  Cherie 06/16/2016
The German Car Shoppe has been great! I have a 2008 BMW X5 with 108,000 miles on it. We moved here two years ago and would not use anyone else. They have always told me what needs to be done, what can wait and respected that no one likes to spend money on car repairs. Pricing is realistic and they don't try to upsell or scare you into making repairs that are not needed. I am also a female and often come in with my kids. They are respectful and very efficient with time (your car doesn't sit around all day). I would highly recommend!!!!
  David 06/16/2016
I been taking my Mercedes to the German Car Shoppe ever since my warranty expired, about 4 years now. Most of my experience has been with Ed or John. I personally have experienced nothing but the best service one could expect. When my vehicle needs some work I call right away and schedule an appointment, its usually a few days out. This shop is busy for a reason. They do good work, and have always been upfront with me. I have never had one of those surprises you see posted about "but you said", "now its gonna be how much?", usually I'm in and out the same day, but I have had to leave the car for a couple days, and that is where their loaners have made this tolerable. I have a small business, no affiliation with the German Car Shoppe. These guys are on my list of vendors to use and they don't even know it. I don't put just anybody on my list, I have to have had multiple good experiences with them before I send my customers their way. The only place I take my Mercedes is the German Car Shoppe. --Dave
  Frank 05/26/2016
Our 06 X5 with 110k miles had a more severe damage than I had hoped due to our lack of maintenance.. We needed a new engine ! The Team at the German Car Shoppe found a good replacement and made it cost effective for us to keep the car on the road. Thanks to their coconscious work my wife is happy !
  Linda 05/19/2016
Great place , great people, great work
  Ben 05/13/2016
Thanks for looking at the 2002 911 turbo. Great service and even helped change my tire when I showed up with a flat. I highly recommend this shop.
  Steven 04/26/2016
  Cass 04/19/2016
We used to take our New Beetle to a local mechanic, but decided to check out the German Car Shoppe since simple engine work can be difficult due to design. We've been very satisfied. Recently, we brought the car in with an A/C-heating problem. Long story short, they were willing to show us how to do the work on the car ourselves. It was impressive for them to work with us, within our budget. We will certainly continue to do business with them both for the work that they perform as well as the attitude and customer service that they provide!
  Dee 04/14/2016
THANK YOU for being so honest about what my car really does need when I bring her in - every single time. Wonderful and professional and it's very much appreciated!
  Andy 03/24/2016
Me and my bro have newer model Mercedes and we will both keep going back to them. These guys are great.
  John 03/10/2016
  Mike 03/10/2016
The Manager, John, took a lot of time with me and my ongoing project 2005 BMW X3. I think, at last, the problem was solved. John puts a lot of effort into customer satisfaction and I thank you for your dedication and it shows. Another, in line, of many satisfied customers. Michael.
  Adrian 03/03/2016
I have some serious "brand loyalty" for The German Car Shop. I always feel like my favorite cousin is taking care of my Audi. Adrian.
  Linda 03/03/2016
Always great service & perfessinal love them
  Joan 02/18/2016
You ruined our C320. By overfilling the engine oil the car now burns oil so badly that it is un-driveable. I would not recommend your shop to anyone. To add insult to injury instead of offering to correct the problem at your own expense you wanted to charge us $2,300.00 to fix the problem you caused.
  Graham 02/04/2016
My car is a 2001 E55 (W210) with ~150k miles on it. It's a reliable car that I regularly take on ski trips into the mountains, but keeping it reliable in a cost-effective manner only makes sense if it can be maintained by a knowledgeable, trustworthy independent mechanic willing to work with the owner (me) to make the right maintenance decisions. I move every few years, and finding such a Mercedes shop is generally a challenge after each move. Four months after moving to Denver, my CEL came on and the car began to misfire (first CEL in 8yrs). I was referred by a work colleague to John and the German Car Shoppe. John's shop was excellent, quickly diagnosing and fixing the issue for what I felt was a very fair price, and he gave me a loaner which kept me mobile. Being knowledgeable, competent, honest, and providing great service would give 4/4.5 stars, but my brief conversation with John as I picked up the car puts my rating over 5. When I picked up the car, John noted the overall mechanical condition of the car, the parts he had seen with significant wear, then reassured me that there was no need to replace them at this time, and that the car was safe and ready to head back up I-70 (which I promptly did during the next snow storm). This type of conversation, to me, is essential and is the type of relationship that I really value with the person maintaining my car. Airlines call it "condition based maintenance," it differs substantially from the calendar or mileage based maintenance schedule a dealer adheres to, and the result is a reliable, economical car ownership experience. An experienced Mercedes technician with high moral character knows how long each component generally lasts under different types of usage, recognizes the signs of a component reaching the end of its life, and maintains an honest dialogue with the owner. I'm very glad I found such a trustworthy Mercedes expert in John, and look forward to having him look after me and my car. - Graham
  Bill 01/07/2016
We bought our Audi from an Auto Nation Jeep dealership and they offered us a free oil change with the purchase. We let them change the oil but 2 quarts leaked out in 2 days. They did not tighten the "collapsible" washer on the oil pan drain plug properly! We arrived at German Car Shoppe at 5:30 pm with no appointment and engine light flashing. Robin worked overtime to identify and correct the problem, topped off the oil and sent us home safely. We will use GCS for all future maintenance and repairs, good technicians and good people...
  Art 12/18/2015
  Brigid 12/07/2015
Excellent!!! Customer service is great and prices were reasonable. I will definitely be back!!!
  Jerry 12/04/2015
Faced with a seized ML 350 engine at 78k I was faced with few choices, all bad! These guys helped with their expertise to make a tough situation bearable. Work was top shelf.
  Emma 12/04/2015
Great service, and most of all, very knowledgeable.
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